How to Design & Download QR Code?

Our system automatically generate QR code that linked with your restaurant menu page. You can either simply download it from QR Builder page or redesign it as per your needs.

To do that login to your dashboard and follow the below steps.

Go to QR Builder from the Left Column

Visit the QR builder section from the left column as shown in the image or simply click here to land on that page. Make sure you’re already logged in with your account details.

Use the QR Code Generator to Design your Code or Simply Skip this Step

With the help of QR Code Generator, you can change the foreground and background color (which is black & white by default) to suit your restaurant theme. You can adjust the corner radius, padding, or even include your restaurant name or logo within the QR code itself.

Now use the “Download Image” button to download QR Code

This step will save the QR code image in your device which you can insert into any template to make it look beautiful on the table. Use your restaurant theme or color combination to design template.
Note: We already have three prebuilt templates of different designs & color theme. You can simply download the templates and insert your QR code into it.

Print the final QR code design and Place it on the Restaurant Tables

The last step is just to print your final design containing QR code and place it wherever you want. Now just sit back and relax the customer can scan and order easily.

These are some quick & easy steps to get started with QR Menu at your restaurant.

You can enable/disable multiple order types i.e. on-table orders, takeaways, or delivery orders from the restaurant setting page. Note: To be able to accept online payments from customers you’ll need to fill the partner payment gateway details i.e. Paytm app id and secret.

Also, try the different themes for your restaurant’s digital menu page, which you can set directly from the restaurant setting page. If you haven’t created your menu yet, check this guide to know all the necessary steps to make your first digital menu.