How to Create Digital Menu for Restaurant?

Creating a digital menus for restaurants now become easier than ever. If you’ve not subscribed yet on, then it is recommended to do that first, you can check our plans & pricing details here.

If you’ve already signup up and ready to create your first QR Menu, please follow the below steps to proceed.

Go to Menu Section

How to Create Digital Menu for Restaurants

First, you have to go to Menu section from the left column or simply click here.

Click on Add Category

To add a new category i.e. North Indian or South India or anything you prefer, you need to click on add category button.

Name the Category & Click on Save Button

Enter the name of your menu category and save it.

Click on Plus Icon to Add Menu Item into that Category

Now you can add food items that you serve at your restaurant into that category. Add more category or sub-categories to complete your menu. Note: You can also add extras to a particular dish if you prefer.

Fill the Item Details, Upload Image and Save

In this step you can add all the necessary details i.e. dish name, price, veg or non-veg, image, available or not and simply save it. Note: add attractive image of that food to make menu look beautiful.

You’re Done!

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Your digital menu is ready with these simple steps. Now you’re ready to serve your digital menu to your customers.

So, these are the steps to create and manage your digital menu. You’re free to edit any details like price, name, food image anytime.

To view your restaurant digital menu, simply go to the restaurant section from the left column and click on “Live Preview” button. It will open your restaurant menu page in a new window. You can copy that link and send directly to your customers.

The QR Code that you’ve generated will automatically linked to this menu. If you have not generated you QR Code yet, do it now and place it on the table of your restaurant to make it available for Dine-in customers.