How QR Menu Works for Restaurant?

Having trouble understanding how this digital menu system (QR menu) works for restaurants? Don’t worry this guide will leave you with no doubts left.

Customer Enters Your Restaurant/Café

Customer Scans the QR Code with Mobile Camera

Digital Menu Open in their Mobile

Customer Select Items and Place an Order

Restaurant Staff Got Notified of New Order Details

The Food got Served to the Guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we disable the online payment mode?

Yes, the restaurants have the option to enable or disable the online payment options.

Did it work on delivery or takeaway orders?

Yes, the restaurants have the option to enable/disable each type of order they want to accept at their restaurant. They can enable the delivery orders, takeaway orders, dine-in orders if they accept the same.

Does Menue provide delivery service also?

No, we don’t provide a food delivery service. We only give a digital platform for restaurant/cafe/hotel management to accept contactless orders digitally.

Where do we need to place the QR code?

Depending on your preference you can place the QR codes on the tables themselves or at the entry of the restaurant.

Is there any app required to open the digital menu on mobile?

No there is no app required, customers can simply scan the QR code with their mobile camera and a digital menu will open in their mobile browser.

What customization I can do in terms of looks?

You can change the theme color, logo, cover images according to your restaurant theme. You also have the option to choose from three menu themes: Modern theme, classic theme, flipbook theme.

What is the difference between a standard plan and a premium plan?

The premium plan has no limitations on categories or menu items you can add. You can check more details on >>

How do restaurant staff gets notified of new orders?

Whenever customers place a new order, you will receive an alert notification on your Menue Dashboard (Admin Panel). You can check all the order details on the order page.