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Select any plan and subscribe to Menue by completing the purchase.

Upload Menu

Now add your menu items or directly upload your menu images.

Get Live QR Menu

Yay! your QR Menu is live within seconds.

Complete Range of Features

  • Easy To Setup

    You can add categories, sub-categories of Menu. Can add menu items with image and details easily.

  • Digital Payment

    You have option to enable digital payment and at the same time users also have freedom to opt to pay online or cash .

  • Download QR Code

    Now take advantage of our advanced QR Code generator to customize the look of QR code. Download, Print & Place it anywhere to accept orders.

  • Custom Branding

    Give users the feel of your brand by adding your logo and images.

Best QR Menu in India
  • No App Required

    The digital menu can be viewed on any device by simply scanning the qr code from mobile camera.

  • New Order Alerts

    The staff got notified for every new order as soon as it got placed by customer. Real time notification on admin panel & email alerts.

  • Print Receipts

    You can easily manage order status as pending or delivered and print order receipt from the same screen without any hassles.

  • Update Availability

    Now easily update the availability status of any existing food item or its extras. So that the customer can never order an item which isn't available at the moment.

Plans & Pricing

829+ Restaurants Trust Menue, and so Should You!

Menue is a Great Platform to set up a restaurant digital menu. Easy to use, Reliable, & Fast. Must recommend it to all restaurants.

Rajnish Bassi

Cafe De Tavern

First I was cautious will it work or not, but the QR Menu works like charm. Kudos to the Menue team for all the support.

Nishant Som

Burn Chillies

Menue is the finest platform in India to get started with the digital menu. You simply can't get a better deal than this!

Drishya Shenoy

Bengal Barbeque

Contactless Process

Complete contactless order & contactless payment system.

Backend Dashboard

A dashboard to check new orders & manage them. Check monthly revenue, total orders, etc.

Latest UI/UX

Modern UI design for best & smooth customer experience.

Super Fast Speed

Supreme fast performance, so that customers can load digital menu even at slow internet.

Simplest Order Experience for Customers

Scan - Order - Pay

How It Works?


Customer Scans QR which Open Digital Menu


Customer Select Items & Add to Cart


Customer Preview the Order & Fill Details


Customer Place the Order

Why You Should Upgrade to Digital Menu?

Contactless Food Ordering

Now customers can directly order from their mobile even at Dine-in restaurants with the help of Menue QR codes. Simply print & place the code at the table and you'll get notified whenever someone orders.

Reduction in Operational Cost

As there's no need of waiters to take orders manually from customers, it results it massive reduction in manpower required & overall operational cost of the restaurant.

Safe & Hygienic for Customers

In the post-covid era, it's necessary to make a safe environment for customers. Contact-less ordering & payment options with the help of QR menus giving a sense of relief to millions of customers around the globe.

Digital Payment

Our platform gives restaurant owners the option to enable digital payments, which eliminates the need of touching unhygienic notes and makes a safer environment for everyone.

Increase in Revenue

It's a psychological fact that customers tend to spend more when they don't have to pay in the physical form of currency. So, it simply means more profit to owners & higher tips for waiters.

Expend Your Business with Digital Menu

Now it's easy to take delivery orders from customers. One can simply send the digital menu link to their customers to receive orders & payment without any hassles.

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We’re a rapidly growing Digital Menu Startup that is made for helping restaurants quickly setup their digital QR Menu.

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